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After-sales service

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After sales service

After-sales service commitment

Dear users:

Under your support and trust, in order to protect your interests and enable you to get better and better service, we hereby make the following commitments:

First, preparation before installation

1. The equipment provided by our company is of good quality and has not been used. It has passed the factory quality inspection and is well packaged for long-distance transportation.

2. Before delivery, we will notify the end user of the preparation conditions for the installation of the equipment in writing. After receiving the written delivery request from the user, we will deliver the goods on time.

Second, the services provided during the warranty period

1. We guarantee a one-year warranty for the goods, and the warranty time is calculated from the time of delivery to the factory. During the warranty period, we will strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China to provide after-sales services such as “three guarantees”, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract.

2. During the warranty period, the fault occurred by our equipment, we will respond within 2 hours, and will be on-site service within 1 working day after receiving the notice, and must continue to repair until the fault is completely eliminated. The device is fully restored.

3. We have (or entrusted) a permanent resident maintenance organization in the country to handle all maintenance services, and are equipped with full-time technical staff with more than three years of corresponding work experience. The supply of spare parts and other supplies can fully meet the needs of users for five years. When entrusting a permanent permanent maintenance organization in China to undertake maintenance services, we will provide relevant supporting documents with legal effect.

Third, the services provided within three years after the warranty period

1. Scope of Service: We will be responsible for helping the equipment that needs to be repaired to malfunction during this period; providing spare parts required for the equipment to meet long-term use;

2. Service period: no deadline

3. Service content: equipment maintenance and repair, continue training, spare parts supply

4. Service charge: subject to availability.

5. Do not bear the content: damage caused by human factors

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